What does your social intranet actually achieve?

Optimise your social intranet in the right places to provide maximum benefit for your company. Netmind Core, digital analytics for social intranets and intranet collaboration platforms are here to help you.

Web analytics for social intranets

Insights for internal communication


We provide intranet managers with an overview in the form of dashboards, reports and performance indicators, enabling them to address information optimally and shape their collaboration as moderators.

Not focused on Web analytics but on content and collaboration, you can optimise your intranet platforms – such as SharePoint, Coyo, Connections, Confluence, CMS systems and series of forms – using our digital analytics solution Netmind Core.

Whether it is for internal communication on your social intranet, social collaboration platform, online marketing or HR recruitment, Netmind Core analytics provides decision makers with the insight they need, through specialised dashboards, for the successful management of digital processes.

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Web analytics with Netmind Core – for more successful websites


Marketing managers and Web analysts are improving the success of their websites with Netmind Core. You can also optimise on-site elements, digital processes, conversion rates and much more with Netmind Core.

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