Digital analytics with Netmind Core

Understand user behaviour, increase digital success.


Our Netmind Core digital analytics solution allows you to clearly identify the success of your marketing campaigns and the efficiency of your websites, apps and intranet applications. Many well-known companies use the analytics results provided by Netmind Core to help them develop precise optimisation initiatives, constantly improve customer experience with their brand and thus ensure lasting digital success.


Learn how Netmind Core can help you to achieve your digital goals.

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Netmind Core Web analysis for successful websites

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Netmind Core intranet analysisfor intranets with added value

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These companies count on Netmind Core for tracking

The on-premises alternative to PIWIK!Track and own data – the Netmind Core on-premises solution

You get Netmind Core as an on-premises solution, fully integrated into your IT landscape. You enjoy maximum data sovereignty and many other benefits.

No more Excel reportsBye-bye data silos!

With over 150 interfaces to leading cloud services and platforms, you can integrate existing information into your Netmind Core reporting.



Leave data silos behind and see all the key information centrally at a glance.

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