Social Intranet Analytics What´s the use of your Social Intranet?

What benefits does your social intranet provide the company? Where do you have to optimize? You can see all of this with Netmind Core - at a glance.

Netmind Core's analytics KPIs for social intranets provide you with clarity, e.g. on internal collaboration and employee participation, internal processes and cost savings, internal spread of information and many more.

With the innovative plug-in for any intranet platform, you can integrate digital analytics with Netmind Core in a snap (for example, for Coyo, SharePoint, Confluence, Yammer, etc.).

Netmind Core is simply the 100% digital analytics solution for your social intranet.


Netmind Core means working, together, better.

With Netmind Core, social intranet analytics, you can:

  • complete your social intranet quickly and easily with detailed evaluations
  • have a comprehensive view of all relevant key figures
  • get facts and figures that help you optimize internal processes and knowledge transfer
  • use drill-downs to call up to 250 KPIs on interaction behavior
  • work with the full functionality of Netmind Core: during and after the trial
  • operate simply and intuitively

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