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We have been providing many well-known companies with digital analytics services since 1999. We have extensive experience and expertise in this area, the likes of which few other companies can muster up from their internal resources. To ensure that you can make use of this knowledge and get the most out of your Netmind Core analytics solution, get to know your Mindlab consultant in person.

For your business to really make the most out of digital analytics, two things need to be in place. First, the solution needs to be optimally tailored to your requirements and to the goals of your company. Second, you and your employees need to be able to make the right conclusions from the data and figures provided. Mindlab consultants are on hand for all of these tasks.

Mindlab consulting services
Digital analytics with Netmind CoreGet started now!

We don’t care whether you’re just looking to get started with digital analytics or are already using an analytics tool. Our analytics specialists will help you to focus on what really matters: your targets!


Get expert knowledge first-hand with our consultation packages.


Overview of our packages:

  1. Expert information about digital analytics
  2. Analytics workshop
  3. Cooperation with our ‘mind lab’
You’ve got 300 sessions. So how do you make a decision?

Even before you choose Netmind Core, your personal Mindlab consultant is on hand with help and advice.


In cooperation with you, we will develop the Netmind Core solution you need and ensure that Netmind Core supports you over the long term with all of your questions and targets.


Overview of our consultation services:

  1. Netmind consulting services
  2. Netmind customizing services
  3. Netmind training services