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Intranet & social collaboration


The Social Intranet as the engine of new work

The Social Intranet is increasingly becoming the most important access channel to internal knowledge and processes for employees. In this white paper, you will learn the value of social intranet analytics, what questions intranet reporting from Netmind Core can answer and how you can avoid problems with data-protection.


Netmind Core applications

Social intranet analytics

See at a glance the questions that intranet reporting from Netmind Core can answer.

White paper

Intranet as a management tool

With Netmind Core as an analytics solution, intranets can be optimised to significantly increase the efficiency of employees and also serve as a strategic management tool.

This use case provides some suggestions and incentives on how to optimise your intranet.


Web analytics

Use case

Multichannel tracking use case

To avoid data silos, central end-to-end tracking which reduces complexity for marketers and returns the focus to the customer is required, thus providing the basis for good decision-making.


Our ‘Multichannel and focusing on the essentials’ use case describes the form a Netmind Core solution may take in this case. 

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