Trends im Social Intranet 2019 - Teil 2

Internal corporate communication is an area that requires constant innovation. Current trends, new ideas, and requirements are constantly changing and evolving. In order to give you an overview and make your job easier, we have summarized further trends on the social intranet for you in Part 2.


Trend no. 4: Videos

These are already familiar from the tutorials found on various video platforms: Complex topics can be taught faster and more effectively in attention-grabbing explanatory videos than with overly wordy and dense texts.

It has been shown that publishing a video improves the likelihood of content being shared.* As an information source, this format is fast, interactive, and entertaining. Emotions are also conveyed more effectively, and a story tells the facts more vibrantly than 1,000 written words ever could. The great thing about it all is that nowadays, virtually everybody has a portable recording studio in their pocket in the form of their smartphone!

Under these conditions, videos will in future become a versatile and helpful medium – not least for achieving your own communication objectives. There’s only one thing left to say: Lights, camera, action!


Trend no. 5: Content for and by colleagues

There is an ever-growing demand among employees for authenticity and transparency in the workplace. In order to meet this demand in terms of internal communication too, employees themselves are becoming the most important voice within the company.

Contributions produced by employees are not only more authentic than those made by managers, but also receive considerably more feedback. This self-produced content generates an interaction rate up to eight times higher than that of “official” news. **

It is therefore conceivable that in future, employees will become independent editors and thus also improve the horizontal communication within the respective company. Employees are now the central focus of internal communication: Feedback, interesting topics, and fresh ideas are on the agenda. Internal communication will become considerably more interactive in 2019.


Trend no. 6: Communication experiments

There isn’t always a perfect solution to a problem. Every company is different, has varying requirements and viewpoints. Yet this very fact is also a great source of potential. Anyone wishing to expand their horizons this year has to muster a little courage and also learn from failure.

Try something new this year. For example, why not set up a discovery team to post funny or interesting anecdotes from everyday company life in a community? These discovery teams thereby provide insights into different departments and breathe life into the internal platform.

In order to establish these projects, you should define clear goals and hypotheses, and view it all as an experiment. You will thereby create new ways of managing expectations, because a “failure” may then even turn out to be a future opportunity.

Internal communication is a giant playground. Whether it’s podcasts, short videos, or a different format – give free rein to your creativity this year and dare to experiment!


Current trends, new ideas, and requirements

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