From the data grave to the collaboration platform

Productive and interactive communities are an important part of a social intranet. The only way for a vibrant community to develop is if all employees use the platform enthusiastically and collaboratively, interacting with one another and acquiring and sharing knowledge.

This new form of internal corporate communication is driven by work groups in which employees join forces on specific topics. This is the only way that a social intranet can develop into a central, clear platform where all content can be grouped together in (different) channels. This will ultimately improve the efficiency of group work.


But how do you inspire people to use the social intranet?

To inspire a user to use a new platform, the user must see a specific benefit in using it. The key to success is to be as close to the user as possible. It has been shown that news and internal company activities, such as photo or video competitions, can increase interactivity significantly. The user should therefore develop in such a way that they not only ‘consume’ but also ‘belong’ and collaborate.

However, pilot groups in which employees can discuss activities such as sports and hobbies are rarely sure-fire successes. The users need to be introduced to the platform step by step with instructions and guidelines. Help, feedback and appreciation of posts from members motivate people to carry on and further inspire communication.

What topics are particularly requested? What content format can help me reach the most users? These questions can often only be answered with a detailed analysis of user data. It has been shown that videos, for example, convey more emotions than other formats and subsequently have a higher interaction rate.

Based on these findings, it is clear that internal networking is a process that needs to be continuously maintained, analysed and optimised. However, vibrant communities are vibrant because of the people who use the platform and not because of the technology behind it.

Watch our webinar recording to learn how to get even more out of your platform and manage your communities more efficiently – ‘Intranet analytics: the six most important indicators for successful internal communication’. Click HERE to watch the entire video (in German only).