What you need to consider when creating videos:

The Internet is constantly changing. More and more media is now consumed exclusively online. Videos are becoming increasingly meaningful – with the goal of telling stories, spreading news or providing educational information. Major players such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have identified this potential and are consciously driving this development. The growth of this format is clear to see. According to a study*, 8 out of 10 people in the 18-49 age group in Germany watch videos at least once a month on YouTube, and this figure is growing all the time.

But why are videos so popular right now? And how can the popular format also be used for internal communication in a professional context?

With the aid of some brief use cases and effective tips, we want to make it easier for you to get started in the director’s chair.


Quick, clear and authentic

The most complex stories are best visualised through facial expressions and gestures. These simple, but highly effective, tools have a huge effect on how content is perceived by the audience and what emotions are conveyed directly through the medium. For example, company messages from the CEO or a review of a team event are given a personal touch and seem more authentic. And best of all, videos are quick and easily understandable. The relevant information is transmitted concisely in the form of image and sound and does not first need to be searched for and looked up.

Visual art, compelling storytelling and exciting sound are what make a great video. But what needs to be considered in detail?

With the following overview, we would like to show you the key Do’s and Dont’s to keep in mind for your own productions.


  • Create a clear storyboard
    • Makes pre and post-production easier
    • Helps with the precise planning of recordings
  • Use a meaningful video title
    • Significantly increases click-through rate
  • Use subtitles
    • 85% of all videos played on social media are muted
    • The video should also work independently of sound


  • Fail to get to the point
    • Key messages should be clear, simple and distinct
  • Videos that are too long
    • The most frequently watched videos are 31-60 seconds long on average (32% of all views) **
  • Poor sound quality
    • Make sure that your video also has high sound quality
  • Poor video quality
    • Make sure that your videos have good visual quality


What is really seen

Are you already using videos in your internal communication? Or are videos a new relevant content format for you?

In our webinar ‘Social intranet analytics – a dashboard for every collaboration platform’, you will learn how to analyse internal collaboration using Netmind Core and systematically optimise platforms such as SharePoint, Coyo, Jive, Confluence and more. We answer the following questions, among others:

  • When is the intranet being used?
  • What are the top topics?
  • What content types are dominating?
  • How are users interacting with the content?

Interested? Then click to watch the full webinar recording (German version only).