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Recruitment & HR How can I find good employees online?

Target, attract, impress and ultimately hire new candidates – with the analysis results from Netmind Core, recruiters can optimise the success of their activities throughout the entire process chain and invest their campaign budgets into the specific channels that offer the greatest benefit.

With Netmind Core, you learn:

  • which channels are successful
  • how the careers page is being used
  • how candidates find you
  • what type of targeting/addressing is successful
  • how the process works from placing an ad in the e-recruitment portal
  • whether applicants are interested
  • how your target group uses the Internet on the go
  • about the quality of the target group reached
  • and much more

Digital analytics for recruitment and HR – examples with Netmind Core:

From the ad to the eRecruiting portal – optimal digital processes

Reducing aborted actions and getting more applications: with Netmind Core, you can visualise the entire path taken by potential candidates
from clicking on your ads, to reading the job description on your website, to creating an account and setting up a profile in your recruitment portal. Where do difficulties arise and where do applications tend to be abandoned? What help text was shown? Netmind Core provides the answers. It complies with data protection regulations pursuant to the GDPR and, at the same time, informative.


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Where do I attract attention quickly?

With Netmind Core, you record every click in your online recruitment campaigns across all channels, platforms and devices used – with maximum data quality in spite of tracking blockers and also GDPR compliance. You quickly get a realistic impression of which form of address, channel and platform is suitable for which target group. Thanks to the analytics results from Netmind Core, you can invest your campaign budget more efficiently.

You can find webinar recordings on the subject of analytics for recruitment and HR for download free of charge here:


Are the job descriptions interesting?

How many visitors read job profiles to the very end and where do most of them lose interest?

With Netmind Core, you can evaluate reading behaviour. The results give you tips on how to make your job openings more attractive to readers.

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Apply now – goal achieved?

With each click on the ‘Apply now’ button, you have achieved your first goal. However, how many candidates who read the job description actually click on the button? Is the button actually positioned in the best place for the resolutions used? What happens after the click?

Take advantage of the opportunities with Netmind Core. Optimise your job advertisements with regard to responsive behaviour and usability so you get more applications.

You can find webinar recordings on the subject of recruitment and HR for download free of charge here:

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