Internal communication Improve the usage and acceptance of your social intranet

As an intranet manager in internal communication, with Netmind Core, you have an analytics solution that gives you a detailed overview of the use, acceptance, multilocation collaboration and interactions on your social intranet.

With thematically matching reports and an almost unlimited range of drill-down options in increasingly greater depth, you get an impression of how users are using your intranet. Using the results of your Netmind Core analyses, you can optimise the benefits and usability of your intranet. You can also enable and encourage communication and collaboration on your social intranet – and thus increase the satisfaction of your users.

Netmind Core can be integrated into various platforms, such as SharePoint, COYO, Connections and Confluence.

With Netmind Core, you can:

  • promote the usage of your intranet
  • measure internal circulation of information
  • optimise processes on the intranet
  • analyse interactions in accordance with data protection regulations
  • show the benefit of your social intranet for the company
  • identify whether documents and templates provided are being found and used
  • promote collaboration in social collaboration tools
  • improve the intranet satisfaction of your colleagues
  • identify areas in need of optimisation and adapt your content plan
  • identify the most active branches or locations
  • and much more.

Digital analytics for intranets and social collaboration – examples with Netmind Core:

Measuring the internal circulation of information

With Netmind Core, you can measure how quickly your news reports circulate throughout the company and whether the issue was really met with interest.

This gives you clarity about how long news items should be displayed for and when they can be replaced with other news.

Searching for and finding knowledge

What content are users searching for on your intranet but getting no meaningful results? Netmind Core provides you with all the search terms used by your users that returned no results.

You identify the areas in which you need to adapt your content plan in order to cover internal demand and satisfy your users.

You can find webinar recordings or white papers on the subject of analytics for social intranets for download free of charge here:

From silo thinking to company-wide collaboration

You are looking to improve company-wide collaboration with your social collaboration platform. But how do things currently stand? How is the collaboration progressing?

With Netmind Core, you see the issues on which people are already collaborating across different locations – and where help is needed to drive company-wide collaboration.

You can find webinar recordings or white papers on the subject of analytics for social intranets for download free of charge here:

How is your social intranet being used?

Which pages, content and documents are accessed regularly by users? Are new templates that you provide for your company actually being found and used? Netmind Core shows you the current areas of interest on your intranet.

This allows you to direct users’ attention to new or unknown content.

‘Social community’ – just a term or an area of active communication?

How well is communication in forums and communities progressing? What topics are particularly active or popular, for example, in terms of likes and shares? For what topics do you still need to grow and encourage communication? Netmind Core gives you the answers to these questions.

You can find webinar recordings or white papers on the subject of analytics for social intranets for download free of charge here:


Assessing internal campaigns

Group clicks by theme – with the Netmind Core campaign ID generator, you can group together clicks from selected links by topic or channel. This is particularly useful if you want to draw attention to a specific news item, for example, and link to it from several places, such as from internal newsletters or banners.

Your reports will show you at a glance how many clicks in total or per channel were achieved.

Smooth processes

Are digital processes, such as material orders and holiday requests, working? With Netmind Core, you can analyse each process step by step – and identify aborted actions and potential for optimisation in your digital processes.

This enables you to improve usability and the satisfaction of your employees.

Mobile working – via browser or app?

Mobile access to the digital workspace is very common. Is the intranet app you provided really being used? Or are your users accessing it through the browser on their mobile device?

Optimise the responsive behaviour and usability for all relevant devices and apps and enable your users to work efficiently from anywhere and on any device.

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