Website analysis with Netmind Core – for more successful websites


We have put all of our 20 years of experience in digital analytics into Netmind Core. Working with leading companies has taught us one thing above all else: an analytics solution must be tailored precisely to the business and marketing goals of your company. This is the only way that marketing managers and Web analysts can get the results they need for their questions and for making the right decisions on activities through which they can significantly increase conversion rates or revenue via their website.

Web analysts and lead managers looking to increase conversion rates on their websites have a clear advantage with Netmind Core: maximum flexibility in the evaluation of on-site processes.

With Netmind Core, you can:

  • compile responses to your digital measures
  • understand visitor behaviour
  • analyse digital processes
  • optimise websites and improve online success
  • increase reach
  • improve conversion rates
  • optimise online campaigns
  • make efficient use of budgets and reduce costs
  • make safe business decisions
  • optimise usability
  • improve user satisfaction
  • reduce bounce rates, increase stay time
  • improve conversion rates on the website for relevant traffic, such as for SEA
  • and much more.

Digital analytics for websites and online marketing campaigns – examples with Netmind Core:

Multichannel tracking – are you reaching your target group?

With Netmind Core, you can record all clicks across all channels where you have content or campaigns running.
You get more information from the results and drills in additional dimensions. This gives you a realistic impression of the channels and form of address to use to reach people who are interested in your services and company.


Optimising digital processes and conversions

With Netmind Core, you can establish any number of processes with any number of individual steps. You will learn where you are losing potential customers on the conversion journey and can make optimisations in the right places. Existing Mindlab customers increase their conversion rates by an average of 5 per cent within the first few months thanks to the detailed process tracking.

Additional benefit for lead managers: immerse yourself in process analysis by examining help texts and error messages in relation to form entries. This allows you to fix specific errors and weaknesses and get more visitors to your website goal.

This flexibility makes Netmind Core a must-have if you want to monetise your website traffic.

Perfect usability – satisfied visitors

What devices do your visitors like to use to visit your website? What are the loading times like? For which resolutions do you need to ensure the responsive behaviour of your website?

Use developer resources in the right places for responsive and usability customisations. Focus on resolutions and devices that are actually used by your target group.

You can find webinar recordings or white papers on the subject of digital analytics for download free of charge here:

Is your website content interesting?

The results of the Netmind Core engagements reports show whether your website visitors are interested in the content on your website.

By comparing the number of new and regular visitors and combining this with details of click depth and stay time, you get an indication of the actual interest in the content of your website.

Which on-site elements are successful?

With Netmind Core, you can learn how effectively your call-to-action buttons, social media buttons or banners are working with your customers.

Examine the use of your on-site elements, optimise usability and improve conversion rates by focusing on the figures and placements that are most popular with your customers.

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