App Analytics

Netmind Core – digital analytics for apps


Are users able to use your app? Does your app offer your users, company and brand the added value you need? Netmind Core will give you all the facts at the touch of a button. And the assurance that your app is providing the quality you need. And that it is doing exactly what it’s meant to.

Digital analytics with Netmind Core – for appsUsability and performance – what is the potential of your app?

Netmind Core will immediately identify the strengths and areas for potential improvement in your app.


Reports relating to usage intensity, content areas, client information (e.g. operating systems and display sizes) and target attainment provide information about the performance of your app.


You can identify specific courses of action and make use of development budgets and staff resources in the right areas.

Netmind Core for apps

  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • interne apps
  • Software applications
Scope of services
  • Comprehensive basis reporting to improve the success of your apps
  • Netmind Core Tracking Libraries for iOS, Android, HTML5, .NET, etc.
  • Initial training following successful installation
  • Personal Netmind Core consultant
  • Data validation from Mindlab consultants during initial installation
  • No sampling
  • Access to raw data
  • Individual dashboards
  • Technical workshops
  • Implementation of specific extensions