Intranet analytics - optimise your intranet efficiently

Netmind Core for Intranets


The company’s internal intranet is a quick, simple means of internal communication.


But how much added value is there really for employees? And to what extent does the intranet help you to achieve your internal communication goals?


Our Netmind Core digital analytics solution, which is specially developed for intranets, helps you to ensure relevant optimisation.


Digital analytics with Netmind Core – specially for intranetEmployee satisfaction and efficiency as key indicators

Insights into cost savings through the intranet, the working efficiency of employees, employee participation and the dissemination of information provide a precise account of how your intranet is currently performing. And the areas in which you can further improve efficiency.


Netmind Core meets the requirements of works councils in relation to data privacy as well as the demand for reports with as much detail as possible.

Netmind Core for intranet analysis

  • Intranets
Scope of services:
  • Comprehensive basis reporting to increase efficiency and content optimisation of intranet applications
  • Netmind Core JavaScript tracking
  • Initial training following successful installation
  • Personal Netmind Core consultant
  • Data validation from Mindlab consultants during initial installation
  • No sampling
  • Access to raw data
  • Individual dashboards
  • Technical workshops
  • Implementation of specific extensions