Everything you need for your digital success.

Netmind Core is the product of almost 20 years of analytics experience. Working with leading companies has taught us one thing above all else: an analytics solution must be tailored precisely to the business and marketing goals of your company. This is the only way to ensure that you get the results you need to make effective decisions for greater online success.



Whether you want to improve your conversion rates, increase your reach or online sales, reduce costs or optimise your branding, even the standard version of Netmind Core can respond to virtually any analytics demand on the part of marketers, however diverse their marketing goals. And an individual extension on top? This is always possible.

Intuitive work, attractive presentationsComprehensive reporting set

Impress your business partners and colleagues. Analytics results and campaign successes are twice as valuable if you present them in a vibrant, informative way. With the comprehensive reporting functionality of Netmind Core, you can create your analyses ad hoc, intuitively and simply.


Digital analytics not only helps in relation to optimisations, it is also simply more fun!

More assurance in decision-makingThe most precise results on the analytics market

In digital marketing, your success boils down to the data quality available for your decision-making.


With the unique tracking procedure of Netmind Core, you can ensure clarity and establish an accurate information basis. No gaps, no sampling, no uncertainty.


Stunning technologyFlexibility and future security

Track, integrate, structure and present data:


With a brand-new, modular technology design, even the standard version of Netmind Core offers considerably more features than comparable solutions. Costly customisation work can be dramatically reduced with Netmind Core.

No more Excel reportsBye-bye data silos!

With over 150 interfaces to leading cloud services and platforms, you can integrate existing information into your Netmind Core reporting.


Leave data silos behind and see all the key information centrally at a glance.

Answers to the questions "who und why"?Real-time Segmentation und Drill-Downs

Identify and make use of optimisation potential: cause a stir with precise optimisation initiatives and increased conversions. Among the exact target group that is important for your business.