Digital Analytics for websites

Optimise Websites with Netmind Core


Netmind Core is the product of our 19 years of digital analytics experience. With Netmind Core, you can increase your digital success. This may mean improving your conversion rates, expanding your reach, optimising your branding, increasing your sales or reducing your costs. You will benefit straight ‘out of the box’ from effective tracking procedures, connectors to the leading third-party systems, comprehensive standard reporting and individual consultation.

Digital analytics with Netmind Core – for websitesIncrease your digital success by making the right decisions


With the comprehensive basis reporting set of Netmind Core, you can create your analyses ad hoc, intuitively and simply.


Reports relating to audience, on-site behaviour, goal attainment, online campaigns, global KPIs and internal statistics provide useful tips to help you optimise your website.


You will identify precise courses of action and optimise your website in the right places.

Netmind Core for Web analysis

  • Websites
  • Extranets
Scope of services:
  • Comprehensive basis reporting to improve the success of your website
  • Netmind Core Reverse Proxy Tracking
  • Alternative: Netmind Core JavaScript Tracking
  • Initial training following successful installation
  • Personal Netmind Core consultant
  • Data validation from Mindlab consultants during initial installation
  • No sampling
  • Access to raw data
  • Individual dashboards
  • Technical workshops
  • Implementation of specific extensions