Netmind Core - Digital Analytics from Germany´s most experienced specialist With Netmind Core you can improve your digital platforms


With our digital analytics software Netmind Core, you get precise information about the activity and usage behaviour of visitors on your social intranets, websites and mobile applications (apps).

With Netmind Core analytics data, you get clarity on the usage and acceptance of your digital services. This allows you to control your online activities precisely and improve them in the right places. With the confidence in your decision-making that you gain, you can take specific actions to increase customer satisfaction on your digital platforms, improve customer retention, increase your profits, achieve more reach and reduce costs.

Netmind Core is efficient, scalable and can be implemented quickly. The latest guidelines and regulations regarding data security and data protection are also observed.

With Netmind Core, you can:

  • understand visitor behaviour
  • analyse conversion/click paths
  • use developer resources in the right places
  • examine the usage and acceptance of your social intranet
  • optimise websites and improve online success
  • increase range and conversions
  • optimise online campaigns
  • make efficient use of budgets and reduce marketing costs
  • optimise usability
  • improve user satisfaction
  • reduce bounce rate, increase stay time
  • improve conversion rate for relevant traffic
  • focus website content on visitor needs
  • and much more.

This is Netmind Core:

General features


Netmind Core offers breathtaking technology with a modern data model.Flexible, scalable, future-proof – with four different tracking technologies and the integration of external data, you get exactly the information you need for your decision-making.

Reporting Features


We provide decision makers in businesses with a clear overview through dashboards, key indicators and reports. So you can address information appropriately and make the right decisions.

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Analytics as a Service


With Analytics as a Service, we offer an all-round peace-of-mind package to suit your needs. In addition to operation, we can also implement Netmind Core for you on request and give you suggestions to optimise your digital measures based on your Netmind Core results. So you can have the success you are looking for with your digital platforms.

Target groups


With Netmind Core, you get comprehensive reporting sets based on your needs in the standard package – for example, from the areas of internal communication, online marketing and recruitment and HR.