The on-premises alternative to PIWIKWeb analytics on premises – with Netmind Core

The Netmind Core digital analytics solution from Mindlab Solutions is your fully fledged in-house solution which can be integrated fully into your IT landscape. With its unique, powerful tracking technology, Netmind Core offers greater precision than conventional analytics solutions.


Netmind Core contains a comprehensive standard reporting set for use straight out of the box. Netmind Core can also be scaled flexibly and precisely based on your requirements and business model.


With the Netmind Core analytics solution in conjunction with individual consultation from your Mindlab consultant, you will benefit from a partnership that will bring you closer to your digital goals.

Digital analytics with Netmind Core

as an on-premises solution is perfect for you if you:

  • are looking for an on-premises alternative to PIWIK

  • track in complete compliance with data privacy regulations and want to own your data

  • want to analyse online banking, intranet, self-service portals or protected, sensitive https areas without sending data to foreign-based third-party providers in the cloud

  • need a secure connection for your analytics data to existing systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc.)

  • are looking for 30% better data quality compared to typical analytics solutions to ensure greater decision-making reliability

  • want an individual point of contact for technical analytics queries. Including at your own premises.

  • are looking for an ultra-precise, on-premises solution with minimal effort, which provides comprehensive, intelligent data analysis for your business in conjunction with your existing systems.

These companies count on Netmind Core for tracking