Secure decision-making needs the perfect basis Website tracking

Tracking technologies for various applications


The quality of an answer depends not only on the question, but also on the available information. To ensure the optimal basis for decision-making, data is compiled through various technologies in Netmind Core in accordance with customer specifications and the digital platform.

Netmind Core Reverse Proxy tracking

With Netmind Core Reverse Proxy Tracking, you don’t miss a single click.


Netmind Core JavaScript tracking

The most popular tracking procedure, with greater flexibility and more data.


Netmind Core Tracking Libraries

For various operating systems and platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, HTML5, etc.)


Interfaces to third-party systems

Enhance your tracking data with information from existing systems


These companies count on Netmind Core for tracking

Netmind Core Reverse Proxy-Tracking

Reverse Proxy Tracking reads all the information relating to movement and usage behaviour on your website from the data stream between the user interface (e.g. the browser in the case of Web analytics) and the server. Data losses due to delayed loading or tracking blockers are not an issue with reverse proxy tracking. The reverse proxy is device neutral. This means that all site access is recorded, regardless of the age of the browser used or whether it is an unknown browser. Tracking blockers that block integrated tracking pixels have no effect here. The procedure is therefore significantly more accurate than other tracking procedures.

Netmind Core JavaScript tracking

A classic option, however our JavaScript tracking method offers greater flexibility. With Netmind Core JavaScript Tracking, you can add any additional values you wish to standard data. These key-value pairs are then either attached to the pixel using the tracking code or selected automatically as metatags on the page, for example. Netmind Core JavaScript Tracking offers 10% higher data quality than conventional pixel tracking procedures.


Netmind Core Tracking Libraries

Netmind Core Tracking Libraries, for various platforms and operating systems, are simply installed into the source code of the app. The user data is recorded consistently in the same way and can be compared in the form of standardised reports. Netmind Core Tracking Libraries, which compile the data on the user’s device, contain a dynamic buffer. If the user is not continuously connected to the Internet, all actions are still recorded by the Netmind Core Tracking Library, saved in the buffer and transmitted immediately once the Internet connection is restored.


Interfaces to third-party systems – Netmind Core connectors

With over 150 connectors to all leading cloud services and databases, you have access to all of your data and information. Combine data sources, target storage and data visualisation tools with Netmind Core and see all the key information at a glance.

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